15 Aug 2019


quick step laminate

Waterproof Surface Laminate

Quickstep laminate is made in Europe, using the latest available technologies in photography & construction. Their patented click system, Scratch guard protection & waterproof surface coatings ensure your floor looks good & stays that way! Visit our Showroom & check out our large Quickstep Flooring display. We’ll be happy to take you through everything from Quick step Impressive UltraQuick Step Majestic laminate, to the Quick Step Classic Laminate & Quick Step Eligna Laminate ranges & explain the differences & advantages for each of them.

At Sydney Art Flooring, we get a wide range of enquiries about laminate flooring. Some people want a simple, cost-effective floor to help dress up a property for sale, some are looking to replace carpets with flooring that’s easier to clean & hard-wearing. Others are looking to match a timber colour, but need a product that’s waterproof & both stain & scratch resistant, so it can be used in kitchens & high traffic areas. And some people just want an affordable alternative to a timber floor that looks good, will last a long time & improve the value of their home without blowing the budget.
Luckily for all these people, Sydney Art Flooring is a premium Quickstep supplier & have access to their wide selection of laminate floorboards which can meet all those different scenarios. Available in different thicknesses & widths, Quickstep’s laminate range mixes modern & traditional colours & styles, so it’s easy to find the right one for you, whatever your requirements are.