15 Aug 2019


quick step laminate

Waterproof Surface Laminate

Quickstep laminate is made in Europe, using the latest available technologies in photography & construction. Their patented click system, Scratch guard protection & waterproof surface coatings ensure your floor looks good & stays that way! Visit our Showroom & check out our large Quickstep Flooring display. We’ll be happy to take you through everything from Quick step Impressive UltraQuick Step Majestic laminate, to the Quick Step Classic Laminate & Quick Step Eligna Laminate ranges & explain the differences & advantages for each of them.

At Sydney Art Flooring, we get a wide range of enquiries about laminate flooring. Some people want a simple, cost-effective floor to help dress up a property for sale, some are looking to replace carpets with flooring that’s easier to clean & hard-wearing. Others are looking to match a timber colour, but need a product that’s waterproof & both stain & scratch resistant, so it can be used in kitchens & high traffic areas. And some people just want an affordable alternative to a timber floor that looks good, will last a long time & improve the value of their home without blowing the budget.
Luckily for all these people, Sydney Art Flooring is a premium Quickstep supplier & have access to their wide selection of laminate floorboards which can meet all those different scenarios. Available in different thicknesses & widths, Quickstep’s laminate range mixes modern & traditional colours & styles, so it’s easy to find the right one for you, whatever your requirements are.

13 Aug 2019

The number of ways by which homeowners can spruce up their home interiors continues to increase with each passing day. One of the most common ways for homeowners to refresh their interior décor lies in repainting the walls of their homes. Doing so can help these individuals mix and match various colour combinations. This can give the home interiors a swanky new look – even if all the other elements remain the same. Similarly, homeowners can consider replacing the current flooring in their homes. This can be especially useful if the floor has been looking scuffed and shabby. But, installing a new floor will seldom be easy. It might cause some disruption to your daily routine. It could be costly too. Another way by which homeowners could consider revamping their interior décor could involve purchasing various interior décor accessories. But, a simpler way exists by which homeowners could achieve the same outcome with minimal effort – purchasing designer rugs and carpets.

Suppliers of designer rugs abound in Sydney and various other Australian cities. It goes without saying that these rugs and carpets can enhance the appeal and décor of your home significantly. With their bewitching colours, these rugs can complement and enhance the visual appeal of your home interiors. In addition, walking on these rugs can be a delightfully comfortable experience. For years, rugs and carpets have been a staple in the plans of interior designers across the country. These professionals know how easily rugs and carpets can make a home look warm, comfortable and inviting with minimal effort. Some people might feel that the cost of these rugs and carpets will be prohibitively high. But, this thought remains a misconception. Unless you want to buy high-end versions from upmarket stores, simple designer rugs will easily fit into any kind of budget.


Suppliers offering wool carpets on sale will stock designer rugs as well. These rugs and carpets will typically come with intricate design patterns. They will also feature a superlative combination of colours. Thus, a carpet or rug featuring these traits will undoubtedly make a superb addition to any home. Walking barefoot on these rugs can be a wonderful experience. The comfort and warmth that these rugs provide can make them ideal for stepping on in winters. However, rugs and carpets can also protect your floors from scratches and scuff marks. Moreover, interior design professionals have often urged their clients to use rugs for controlling the indoor temperature levels. Rugs and carpets can absorb sound too. And, they can stay in shape for several years with minimal levels of maintenance. Not surprisingly, the demand for affordable designer rugs and carpets has witnessed a steady increase throughout Australia.


You will be able to purchase quality designer rugs and carpets at any carpet sale in Sydney or elsewhere. But, you must do your shopping with care. To get designer rugs that offer optimal value for your money, only shop at the establishment of an experienced and reputed seller. These sellers will not only be able to provide you with a wide selection of rugs. They will also be able to offer rugs that suit your specific needs at affordable prices. If you want to imbue your home interiors with your personality and style, consider investing in quality designer rugs. The unique style and visual appeal of these rugs and carpets will do wonders when it comes to sprucing up your home interiors.

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05 Aug 2019

Sydney Art Flooring supplies & installs a variety of high-quality waterproof laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring offers the look & feel of real wood floorboards for a fraction of the cost of either solid, or engineered timber. With incredibly detailed photographic images, combined with an advanced protective coating system that adds texture as well as durability, laminate floors have a wider range of colours & styles than bamboo or timber floors.

At Sydney Art Flooring we carry branded laminate Floor ranges, like Quick Step, Kronoswiss, Villeroy & Boch, Wonderwood & Swish. These laminate floors are high quality products, at affordable prices.

It’s also a better flooring option for the environment. The core of a laminate plank is made from either ecologically sustainable pine trees, or post-industrial wood waste, that would otherwise have been burned, or dumped in a landfill. Laminate flooring gives you the look & feel of exotic hardwood floors without affecting exotic or endangered species.

Laminate floors are ideal for high-traffic spaces, easy to clean, fade & scratch-resistant. Waterproof surfaces are also available. You won’t believe it’s not real timber.

31 Jul 2019

When homeowners consider shopping for a new floor, they will inevitably debate the merits of acquiring hardwood or timber floors. Wooden floors exude a classic and timeless look. They can make any space look warm and inviting. A hardwood floor can suit interior décor styles of any kind. This versatility makes them among the most popular flooring materials in the country. On top of this, hardwood floors offer superior levels of durability and longevity. Lastly, one reason that attracts many people to acquiring and installing hardwood floors in their homes lies in the fact that hardwood floors will never go out of style. These floors will never look dated. Hence, they will never give your home an obsolete look. This trait makes hardwood floors superior to all other kinds of patterned and textured floors. Once the fad or trend fades out, you will need to replace your flooring. With a hardwood floor, you can rest assured about the need to replace your flooring because it looks dated.

Having said that, hardwood floors might not always be very comfortable to walk on – especially if you happen to be barefoot. But, placing a few Persian rugs on the floor can resolve the situation perfectly. You will not enjoy walking barefoot on a cold floor in winter. But, you will relish the prospect of stepping on a warm and comfortable carpet or rug. The carpet will undoubtedly feel soft underfoot. In addition, the use of modern rugs in your Sydney home can enhance its visual appeal as well. Many interior designers feel that hardwood floors can do a lot to make any space look larger. However, the use of Persian rugs and carpets can resolve many decorative dilemmas based on the warmth, design and beauty of the rugs. These rugs come with assured aesthetic appeal. But, their long-lasting colours and sound-absorbing features can be highly endearing.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that many Australians prefer investing in Persian rugs for their homes. Persian rugs:

  • Never Go Out of Style: Persian rugs can remain unaffected by trends and fads. Their timeless looks ensure that they never look dated or obsolete. People have been using these rugs for thousands of years. Even today, many people purchase and use Persian rugs without any second thoughts. Their versatility makes these rugs ideal for use in almost any style of interior décor.
  • Enhance Your Comfort Levels: As mentioned earlier, Persian rugs can be extremely comfortable to walk on. The dense fibres of these rugs help them stay warm. Thus, they can be perfect to walk on – especially in cold weather conditions. Moreover, the carpet fibres also possess sound-absorbing qualities. This enables them to reduce noise levels too. The fibres absorb sounds that reverberate in the space you’ve place the rugs in. As a result, Persian rugs and carpets enhance your comfort levels without compromising on the visual appeal of your home interiors.
  • Can Be Superlative Works of Art that Offer Immense Functionality: You will purchase wool rugs on sale to place them on your floors. But, you must not forget that Persian rugs can be superb art pieces too. No two Persian rugs will be identical. The weavers and designers of these rugs imbue them with various features that make them unique. Hence, you can rest assured that your Persian rug will exude a warm and unique look.
  • Remain Worthwhile Investments: When purchasing Persian rugs, always opt for the handwoven variety. These will not wear out as quickly as the machine-made rugs. Thus, they will last you for many years. Hand-knotted Persian rugs can be highly durable. As such, it comes as no surprise that many owners consider these rugs as heirlooms, which they hand over from one generation to the next. Visit Sydney Art Flooring Today !
24 Jul 2019

Floating Timber Floors



When new customers come to our Showroom, they often ask to see ‘floating floors’. When we ask them what kind of floating floor they are interested in, the answer is usually ‘timber ’or ‘hardwood’, not laminate, vinyl or bamboo. Everyone still loves a timber floor .

Floating timber is also called engineered timber. What this means, is that you have a floorboard with 4-6mm of graded timber on top – usually European oak, but also local species like Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Jarrah, or Sydney Blue Gum – fixed to a plyboard backing. The boards join together either by a click system or ‘tongue-in-groove’ & are installed on an underlay. Because the boards are only 15-21mm thick, they can be installed almost anywhere inside your home & are usually no higher than most carpets, which means no major modifications to doors, wardrobes, or full-length windows.

Engineered timber flooring can be installed over a concrete slab, ceramic tiles, or a pre-existing solid timber floor. Whatever the surface is, it’s important that it’s smooth & level, as the floorboards don’t bend! If the subfloor isn’t level, your new floor will move too much, which results in noises, joins giving way & an uneven surface. None of which are great things in a new floor… So, sometimes a little subfloor levelling work is needed

At Sydney Art Flooring, our staff are trained in, not only the wide range of engineered flooring we sell, but also installation, measuring, estimating & on-site inspections. Our Australian suppliers – Quickstep, Preference, Wonderwood, Terra Mater, Plank & Signature – have a huge range of different timber colours & styles available for either a small renovation, complete overhaul, or a brand new house or apartment. From the moment you walk in our door, to the first step on your new floor, we’re here to help you make the right choice for your home.

Engineered timber flooring prices.

24 Jul 2019

Homeowners often spend a lot of time and effort in an attempt to revamp their home interiors. Re-painting the walls will usually be one of the first ideas that comes to homeowners. But, this could be a costly project. Similarly, the cost of remodelling or renovating the home will be exorbitant too. Replacing your existing floor might be a worthwhile consideration. But, in terms of cost and disruption to your routine, this project might not always be viable. In this scenario, the use of rugs and carpets can be quite beneficial. In their simple and understated manner, rugs and carpets can make your floors become more comfortable to tread on. In winters, you can step on a rug without grimacing as you otherwise might when walking barefoot on cold floors. In addition, Persian rugs and carpets can enliven your interior décor with minimal fuss. They can make your home interiors exude a warm and inviting look that wows all your visitors.

Suppliers of modern rugs in Sydney and elsewhere will be able to offer an enviable range of Persian rugs and carpets. In many cases, you will place these rugs on the floors of your house. However, this does not mean that you will not need to look after these fine works of art. To extract optimal value for your money, you will need to take proper care of your Persian rugs. Among other things, you will need to:

  • Pick the Right Underlay: A quality rug will usually last you for several years. This will be even more so if you pair the rug with the right underlay. The type of underlay that a Persian rug needs will depend on the type of rug you have purchased and the flooring you intend placing the rug on. The underlay helps in prolonging the longevity of the rug. It enhances the comfort derived when you step on a rug placed on a hard flooring. The underlay also helps in cushioning the weight of the feet. This can be useful for preventing the pile of the rug from becoming crushed. Quality underlays also serve to protect the back of the knot from abrasion. And, they can facilitate the passage of dirt and dust through the rug, thereby eliminating the build-up of dirt and debris.
  • Use Furniture Cups: In some cases, you might place some items of furniture over your Persian rugs. The feet of some of these objects might be sharp. On coming into repeated and prolonged contact with your rugs, these sharp edges could produce holes in the rug. Alternatively, they could crush the pile of the rug. Furniture cups, made from plastic, wood or brass can be useful for preventing these issues.
  • Protect the Rug from Direct and Prolonged Exposure to Sunlight: It goes without saying that all types of rugs fade with prolonged and direct exposure to sunlight. The ultraviolet rays of the sun cause fading in the colours of rugs and furniture. To eliminate this, place clear ultraviolet filter screen on your windows and doors.
  • Turn the Rug Regularly: Ideally, rugs require turning on an annual basis. Doing so helps in evening out any fading that might have occurred. However, some people prefer to avoid turning the rug because they prefer the pile to stay in a specific direction. Turning the Persian rug can help in evening out the wear patterns caused by foot traffic.
  • Clean and Maintain the Rug Regularly: Buying Persian carpets on sale can be easy. But, you will need to maintain and clean these rugs regularly too. To clean these rugs, simply vacuum them on moderate power, so that the suction of the cleaner removes the dirt and debris from the rug. Similarly, consider giving your Persian rug a thorough and professional servicing every five years or so. This will help in maintaining its look. At the same time, it will increase the longevity of the rug too.
22 Jul 2019

Laminate Flooring – Better Looking Every Year

Laminate flooring has come a long way since the 1970s when it was first popular. Back then, it was seen as the cheap alternative to a ‘real’ wood floor. The timber photos were poor quality, the boards were thin & the floor was easily scratched, damaged, or even broken. When you walked on an old laminate floor it sounded tinny, with a high ‘clicking’ sound that let everyone know what it was

Well… things have changed a lot since then! Digital photography means the quality & detail of the timber images is incredibly accurate & the boards have a ‘real’ feel to them, thanks to the protective coating process that reads the photo as it’s applied. The protective coatings mean the laminates are much harder to scratch or stain & are either highly water-resistant, or waterproof for up to 72 hours. Most laminate flooring is now 12mm thick, so there’s no more ‘clicking’ when you walk…

At Sydney Art Flooring, we have a wide range of laminate flooring available to suit any style or budget. Our Australian suppliers include Quickstep laminate, Kronoswiss  Aquastop Laminate & Wonderwood laminate, who provide us with a huge selection of the latest designer colours, manufactured with the latest technology to ensure you get value for money, while being confident you haven’t compromised on quality. If you’re renovating a rental or investment property, updating your own home, or looking for a stylish product that can stand up to the trials of family life, laminate flooring is now a real, quality option, not the quick, cheap fix it was, all those years ago.

17 Jul 2019
Traditional Rugs

If you happened to go shopping for rugs in Australia, you would likely come across an assortment of rugs that originate from different parts of the world. Any reputed supplier of rugs will offer rugs from a wide selection of countries. In addition, rugs can vary based on several other factors too. For instance, suppliers will offer handloomed rugs as well as power-loomed ones. They will also offer hand-knotted rugs and hand-tufted ones. Coming across piled and flat rugs in these showrooms can be quite commonplace as well. And, it goes without saying that rug manufacturers use a wide selection of materials for making these rugs and carpets. Hence, selecting a specific type of rug will not always be an easy task to accomplish.

As mentioned earlier, any supplier will stock an extensive range of rugs and carpets. Some of these might include Persian rugs on sale too. However, not all rugs classified as Persian rugs will actually originate from Persia. Ideally, a Persian rug will come from Iran only. But, some unscrupulous sellers can attempt to pass off rugs from the Near, Middle and Far East countries as Persian rugs too. An old maxim suggests that imitation can be the sincerest form of flattery. This applies in the case of Persian rugs as well. The popularity and appeal of these rugs has resulted in many rug-weaving establishments mimicking them. Naturally, these rugs might look similar to their authentic Persian counterparts. But, they will not offer the longevity and timelessly classic look that Persian rugs offer. Having said that, the relatively low cost of labour and materials will make these rugs more affordable than authentic Persian rugs.

Persian or Iranian rugs often feature superlative varieties of Iranian wool. The look and feel of these wools can be stupendous. And, when combined with the superior level of craftsmanship that Iranian weavers offer, the result can be nigh unbeatable. In addition, many Iranian rug-making companies use an assortment of natural dyes to make their wares even more distinctive and appealing. These dyes will typically come from roots, trees, rocks, plants and leaves. The combination of these three elements results in a superlative Persian rug or carpet. It can be worth mentioning that many Persian rug knockoffs will not be cheap or poor in quality. Like authentic Persian rugs, these knockoffs will also use the same designs and materials. In addition, they will feature the hand-knotting techniques that Persian weavers still use. But, these knockoffs will lack the flair, quality and spirit that characterises genuine Persian rugs.


Finding Persian carpets for sale in any Australian neighbourhood will not be difficult. But, being aware of the elements that make up a genuine Persian rug can be important. These rugs have become very popular because of their luxurious look and feel. These rugs also make superb hard-wearing floor coverings. Any Persian rug will denote a hand-knotted rug. This means that a weaver will tie each knot in the carpet by hand around threads strung around the loom. A Persian rug will also feature a traditional central medallion that can be easy to identify, along with a surrounding floral design and a border. Most Persian rugs come in red, blue and cream colours. On the contrary, a rug made in India could appear chunky. In addition, the wool used for making the rug will not be as luxurious as the variety of wool that Iranian weavers use. Rather, the wool used for making rugs in India could be chunky. Similarly, a Chinese rug will appear meticulous and thus, machine-made.

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10 Jul 2019

Persian carpets (Iranian carpets and rugs)

Designers and interior decorators often help their clients acquire the best living spaces. Not only do these professionals design the layouts of homes and offices to perfection. They utilise their experience to help their clients embellish their home or office interiors in the best way possible. Having an interior designer helm your building or remodelling project can be advantageous. These professionals have a knack of making optimal utilisation of the available space. In addition, their expertise enables them to come up with innovative solutions to give you the best value for your money.


Many homeowners focus on the colour combinations used in their home interiors to make their living spaces look warm and comfortable. Others obsess over the flooring and the blend of comfort and functionality that it offers. Similarly, some people will not think twice about selecting various home décor accessories to spruce up the look of their home interiors. However, one of the easiest ways to revamp your interior décor could lie in using a variety of quality Persian rugs. Finding Persian rugs on sale in Australia presents little, if any, difficulty. And, the use of these rugs could make your home interiors look warm, welcoming and cosy.


The ubiquitous Persian rug has been around for centuries. But, it truly came into its own during the reign of Shah Abbas the Great in the 17th century. The reforms introduced by this ruler helped in reviving the carpet-production industry in Iran. As trade and exchanges with European merchants increased, the Persian carpet found its way to all corners of the globe. It can be worth mentioning that many noteworthy artistic works by masters of the Dutch Golden Age and Flemish Baroque periods feature Persian rugs. This fact alone attests to the timeless and luxurious appeal that Persian rugs come with. Steeped in culture and art, these rugs can make superlative additions to your home.


Suppliers of modern rugs in Sydney and other places will inevitably offer an assortment of Persian rugs. These rugs can vary in size. Ideally, large Persian rugs will have sizes greater than 6×4 feet, while smaller rugs will denote rugs smaller than 6×4 feet. In recent times, the use of machines has mechanised the process by which manufacturers produce Persian rugs and carpets. However, the charm and intricate detail that typifies handwoven rugs and carpet imbues them with a distinctive look. The fine craftsmanship and superior durability that these rugs offer make them invaluable investments. Having said that, you will need to shop with an established and reputed supplier. Only then can you expect to acquire a high-quality and authentic Persian rug to embellish your home interiors with.


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02 Jul 2019


In today’s commercial facilities, the new flooring needs to be in sync with the business objectives of the company. It also needs to accommodate the people working in the building and the day-to-day activities performed there. That’s why traditionally safe flooring choices like concrete, linoleum etc. aren’t the best option any more. These floors offered good levels of durability, but they don’t look stylish or elegant. The business and commercial flooring options available nowadays, offer a lot more, with a superb blend of functionality and stylishness that enhances the value of any business effortlessly. People walking into any commercial building will always notice its floor, as it provides the first, solid impression of the facility. So, selecting the right material that offers the right look, durability & is also good value for money, becomes imperative.

Property owners are increasingly environment-conscious these days. So it comes as no surprise that any choices they make pertaining to their facility and business will be eco-friendly as well. As environmental issues become more important, people have been making a conscious attempt to go ‘green’. And so, businesses stand to prosper by adopting various measures to reduce their carbon footprint. This is one of the reasons why the use of carpets or rugs on floors has come back into fashion lately. The fibres used for making these floors makes them a superb green flooring material. For instance, many property owners in Australia buy wool carpets on sale and use them in their homes and offices. There are other green flooring options;  including bamboo, engineered timber and cork, but carpets and rugs are easily the most comfortable to walk on – especially in cold weather. In addition, rugs and carpets come in an extensive array of patterns, colours and designs which can complement and enliven your existing interior décor perfectly.

Australians have increasingly been using carpets and rugs in their residential and commercial properties because they:

  • Possess a Unique Natural Beauty: Carpets and rugs come in an enviable range of patterns, colours and designs. Thus, finding one that suits your personal tastes and preferences is easy. In addition, they can complement your existing interior décor with minimal fuss. Their natural beauty enables them to suit almost all types of interior décor arrangements, making them suitable for use in homes and offices alike.
  • Feel Soft and Comfortable Underfoot: Carpets and rugs typically comprise pliable natural, or synthetic fibres which are soft and comfortable underfoot. So, if you live in areas that experience cold weather, you will enjoy having carpeted floors to walk on. No longer will you need to wince each time you step on a cold stone or tiled floor barefoot.
  • Do Not Need Much Maintenance: To keep your carpets and rugs clean, you will need to vacuum them regularly. Most domestic stains or ‘accidents’ can be easily cleaned using soapy water, or readily available cleaning products

Finding natural or nylon carpets on sale in Australia is not a big challenge. Many suppliers offer a comprehensive range to suit residential or commercial properties. Some people might think that investing in carpet can be slightly expensive, however, the investment will certainly pay off over time. You will find that the luxurious look and feel of carpeted floors enhances the visual appeal of your home or office. At the same time, you will enjoy walking on these floors barefoot – even on the coldest of days.

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